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My work as a textile artist and mixed media painter fuses my fascination and love for repeated patterns and natural textures. 

T E X T I L E S       I N S P I R E       M I X E D   M E D I A   P A I N T I N G S       I N S P I R E      T E X T I L E S 


The experimentation of color combinations, woven constructions, use of natural fibers, and the creation of innovative pieces are reflected in my weaving. These elaborate, wearable textiles take on a unique and elegant sculptural quality. Complex woven structures are threaded onto a 10 harness Le Clerc floor loom, built in 1955. Each piece is meticulously hand woven and finished ensuring a luxurious hand crafted textile. My textile work is one of a kind, all pieces unique and reversible! I weave with various fibers including merino wool, cashmere, bamboo and silk. Even certified organic wool is woven into some textiles! Custom orders are available. 


Equally colorful and layered as my textile work, the surfaces of my mixed media paintings are adorned with a combination of multiple layers of acrylic paint, paper collage, litho crayon and nylon thread. I am fond of abstract and figurative imagery, which are depicted in these visual narratives. Incorporating concepts of scale, space, rhythm and movement lend to the perspective of each piece. There is a reliance on repeated patterns, gestural lines, and grids. Patterns that exist in nature, intertwine with personal stories to inspire the compositions of my paintings. I began hand-sewing nylon thread directly into certain pieces. This subtle, beautiful, detail of fiber infuses the canvases and adds a sense of permanency and reinforcement. 

Artist History


Rhode Island School of Design 


BFA - Textile Design, 1991


I have exhibited and sold work in numerous national juried art shows on both the East and West coasts. These include: the One of a Kind Show in NYC, Bellevue Arts Museum Artsfair, Palm Springs Art Museum Trunk Show, and RAGS Wearable Art Show in Tacoma, Washington. I have participated in group shows at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts Gallery and in open studio tours, art events and trunk shows in California, Oregon, Washington and Rhode Island. I have also displayed my artwork in numerous local businesses and shops in the Pacific Northwest.


Born in California, as a young girl, colored pens and grid paper went everywhere with me...coloring in the squares and making patterns. Sketching and drawing became a favorite activity. Pursuing my artistic interests, I earned my degree in Textile Design from RISD. I have been a working artist for over 20 years, living on the West Coast for over half my life. My studio time is divided between weaving and painting, while raising two lovely teenagers...my true inspirations! 

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Olympia, Washington

(360) 393-0303